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Certificate Programs with College Credit

The following courses will provide college credits from Saddleback college:

Instructional approaches

The courses involve a wide range of approaches that encourage students to:

  • study technical information
  • identify requirements
  • plan solutions
  • actively develop meaningful projects
  • think critically
  • work cooperatively
  • complete challenging assessments

Teaching materials and tools are chosen to keep the students engaged in the process of learning while exploring concepts in a fun, interactive environment.  We believe that each student has his or her own unique learning style and that adaptive course materials are essential to the success of students who have special education needs. All students have an equal opportunity to succeed and we encourage students to work collaboratively, when appropriate, to achieve their goals.

Cooperative Training

New Vista Tech Academy also provides opportunities for cooperative education and other workplace experiences also help to broaden students’ knowledge of employment opportunities in a wide range of fields including computer programming, database analysis, computer science, software engineering, web technology, and robotics development. In addition, students develop an understanding of workplace practices, certifications, and the nature of employer–employee relationships.

We support the students’ learning by maintaining links with community-based businesses to ensure that students have access to hands-on experiences that will reinforce the knowledge and skills gained in school, through occasional seminars, educational resources from neighborhood business contacts, etc.