Computer Information Certificate Programs


These clasPicture1ses provide college credit and/or certificates through Saddleback College. The goal for each student is to obtain marketable skill sets, that lead to employment and additional post-secondary education.

Software Specialist Certificate

This Software Specialist Certificate program is designed to obtain the knowledge and technical skills required to qualify for entry-level positions in a technical work environment. The course is specifically intended and structured for students with special needs to obtain skills for technical jobs using industry standard software packages that are widely used in our modern work environments.

Web Designer Certificate

The Web Designer Certificate program is designed for students to obtain knowledge and technical skills required to develop and manage websites for businesses, information management, blogging, and other online media through innovative course structure that benefits English learners and students with special needs. This course covers knowledge and tools to reach the desired audience. Technical skills include designing using appropriate software packages and developing the website with database management and necessary basic programming skills.

E-Commerce Specialist Certificate

This program is specifically designed for English learners and students with special needs to obtain knowledge and technical skills for a technical job as an E-Commerce specialist to promote a business on the web, using websites and marketing strategies, information analysis and manage business sectors that include retail, customer service, government, private organizations and personal media as well.

Application Developer

The Computer Programming certificate program is designed for an entry-level position as a software developer for English learners and students with special needs to obtain the necessary skills to qualify for such positions with proficiency in developing and maintaining for industry-standard software packages and most used programming languages.

Webmaster Certificate

The Webmaster Certificate program is specially designed to obtain qualifications for an entry-level webmaster job for English learners and students with special needs through innovative structured course. Students learn from the basics of developing and setting up a website for production to managing the web server efficiently, database administration, network security and using web analytics tools to manage information for various business sectors including government, organizations and startups.

Career Skills / Definitions

Software Specialist


Job Titles:

Office Assistant, Computer Operator, Desktop Publishing

Job skills :

How to operate computer

How to create simple office reports

Nature of Work:

Mostly computer typing,

Data entry,

Scan and Print documents


Office employment

Web Designer


Job Titles:

Website Developer, Website Designer, Freelance Logo designer, Freelance Web designer, Blogging

Job skills :

How to create a website

How to design a website layout

Nature of work:

Write simple English lines – design is automatic

No problem solving aptitude needed

No design skill required

Website developer – Can re-use thousands of pre-designed templates

Designer – Can create logos,digital posters, banners if interested in arts

Blogging –  Can put useful content online, if interested in passive income


Software related jobs,

Self employment,

-Blogging  Eg. Health tips, Makeup tips, Food recipes, Self help articles, Yoga, any general interests – passive income from online ads

-Freelancing – Online working websites like – Eg.,,, – places where people look for quick project services

E-commerce specialist


Job Titles:

Online marketing, SEO analyst

Job skills :

How to promote a website in internet

How to market a business online

How to use social media(Facebook,twitter) for marketing

Nature of work:

Post Facebook contents

Post in twitter about a business

Make a website famous in Google search

Using internet to repetitively post images or links, to make people notice a business


Mid-level Technical employment

Application Developer


Job Titles:

Software Developer, Software Tester

Job skills :

Developer – Work in software projects

Tester – Do testing work – check defects in softwares / products

Nature of work:

Developer – Write software code

Testing – Check working of software


Corporate Employment,

Developer – Promotions, Strong career for good technical skills

Testing – Low/Medium qualifications expected, all time demand

Webmaster Certificate


Job Titles:

Website Administrator, Business promotion analyst

Job skills:

Analyze business marketing

Use online softwares to analyze websites

Maintain websites

Monitor website’s business presence

Nature of work:

Manage multiple websites

Secure a website from hacking

Manage databases

Analyze and give suggestions for business and marketing


Technical Employment

Promotion for skills and experience


Each student will receive help in transitioning to additional education, an internship or a job upon completion of individual goals


Classes will provide college credit and/or certificates through Saddleback College


According to the bureau of Labor, there is a projected 30% growth in the number of jobs in some sectors of the Computer Science fields. With wages averaging $90,530 per year